Course Information
Title: Irrigation Design
CRN: 1262413 Course ID: LAT135-U1
Term: Summer term 2014/15 Credits/Hours: 3/4
Instructor: S. JONES E-mail Phone Numbers
Dates: 7/7/2014 - 8/28/2014 Days: We
Times: 5:15PM - 9:05PM Location: TRC-124
Estimated Tuition: $317.00 Estimated Fees: $12.00
Description: Presents the materials, equipment, and methodology used to design an irrigation system that will support various plant materials in landscaped areas. Principle emphasis will be given to residential landscapes, but larger, more expansive areas will also be reviewed.
  • MTH20
  • ACCUPLACER Arithmetic Score: 70
  • ACCUPLACER Elementary Algebra Score: 20
  • ACCUPLACER Intermediate Algebra Score: 1
  • ACCUPLACER College Algebra Score: 1
  • RD30
  • ACCUPLACER Reading Score: 79
  • WR30
  • ACCUPLACER Sentence Skills Score: 70
  • Prerequisites: MTH20, RD30, and WR30 or appropriate placement test scores.


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